Post-apocalyptic suit

04th Oct 2014

Photos will be posting soon! The project is still in development. Stay tune!

Update  The post-apocalypse suit is now completed!

This suit was also use in a special project called Rescue!

Colonial Marines armor

03rd Oct 2014

I have created this armor for myself and for challenge. I always was an Aliens fan since i was young. I wanted something real like the real stuff! I think in the movie they use abs/plastic casting but in real life the marines should probably use metal or something like that.

I decide to use aluminium to make it more realistic. I was looking for something that gonna be easy to work with it.
I found some thin press sheet of aluminium (direct to plate). I started with that and is was very easy to forge.

I use an old police fake bullet vest to make the shape. I use 7 thin layer for the armor. As you can see in the picture all was hand forge with a brick hammer. After all this long forge time. I found some strap and an old military OD strap webbing. I do my best to make it the more screen accurate as possible with what i got.

After that first paint job was make and another after for the details.
Hope you like this one. There is a list of was i use.

M1 Helmet with foam modification
Old camera canon for lens and custom casing.
Aluminium rod for the micro and foam to the ear pad
All armor is 100% hand-made forge with aluminium
Old hockey pad with foam modification was use knees protection
Blackhawk boot
Patch from Aliens Colonial Marines game
US patch from local army surplus
Bdu was a simple woodland (Probably looking for a more screen accurate in future)

M41A – Tokyo Marui thompson + G&P convert kit
After the kit was empty for security and convention requirement
Grenade was purchase from Special thx to Tom

Predator suit

03rd Oct 2014

Dracoon Chaos have many years of experiences and skills with Connect-A-Mat. This awesome costume was made with foam and tallented paint skill. Custom paintwork, custom glued parts and many hours of work makes always awesome costume. The face mask and long silicone hair was purchase but all the other stuff was hand-made. If you have the right patience you can do anything and Dracoon Chaos have proove this often.

Face mask and hair was purchased.
Modified muscle suit completly recovered with latex and hand painted
All armor are foam Connect-A-Mat

If you have any questions feel free to ask us or contact Dracoon Chaos.

A nice work conception and creation of Dracoon Chaos.


Aliens in conception…. Stay tune!!!

Project Details

  • Custom electronic
  • Custom paint
  • Custom parts
  • Pepakura

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