Post-apocalyptic suit

04th Oct 2014

Photos will be posting soon! The project is still in development. Stay tune!

Update  The post-apocalypse suit is now completed!

This suit was also use in a special project called Rescue!

Colonial Marines armor

03rd Oct 2014

I have created this armor for myself and for challenge. I always was an Aliens fan since i was young. I wanted something real like the real stuff! I think in the movie they use abs/plastic casting but in real life the marines should probably use metal or something like that.

I decide to use aluminium to make it more realistic. I was looking for something that gonna be easy to work with it.
I found some thin press sheet of aluminium (direct to plate). I started with that and is was very easy to forge.

I use an old police fake bullet vest to make the shape. I use 7 thin layer for the armor. As you can see in the picture all was hand forge with a brick hammer. After all this long forge time. I found some strap and an old military OD strap webbing. I do my best to make it the more screen accurate as possible with what i got.

After that first paint job was make and another after for the details.
Hope you like this one. There is a list of was i use.

M1 Helmet with foam modification
Old camera canon for lens and custom casing.
Aluminium rod for the micro and foam to the ear pad
All armor is 100% hand-made forge with aluminium
Old hockey pad with foam modification was use knees protection
Blackhawk boot
Patch from Aliens Colonial Marines game
US patch from local army surplus
Bdu was a simple woodland (Probably looking for a more screen accurate in future)

M41A – Tokyo Marui thompson + G&P convert kit
After the kit was empty for security and convention requirement
Grenade was purchase from Special thx to Tom

Project Details

  • Army
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Chrome
  • Connect-A-Mat
  • Custom electronic
  • Custom paint
  • Custom parts
  • Foam
  • Green
  • M1 helmet
  • Marines
  • Metal
  • Military
  • O.D.

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