05th Oct 2014 News

One of good client ask us for some props for a new hip hop videoclip with CDR. Lexflex ask us for a weapon that can match for a special scene for his new clip. We have suggest one AK-U (AK-47 variant). Originally Lexflex wanted to use ty-rap for the hands of the kidnapped guy but we have find something better for him. An old large rope and old jute. We have also suggest somes camera plan and ideas for the kidnapped scene. Lexflex makes and awesome job with his Canon T3i. Lexflex have many years experience in hip hop beat and sound creation and also make videoclip occasionnally

There is the list of what we have rent for the videoclip.

1x AK-U (weapon use in the videoclip)
1x Vendetta official mask
1x custom jute for the head of the kidnapped guy
2x large rope for legs and arms
1x fake stack of (US) money

Photos credits: Reload Props

Special thanks to Lexflex for his tallented clip!

CDR -3e Guerre a Lexflex productions